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Aztec Arts and Crafts

Aztec SculptureThere were many types of art in the Aztec world like stone-workers, scribes, potters and feather-workers.

The stone-workers would make rock statues and work with green jade, black obsidian, and transparent crystals to create objects of art. Stone-workers learned their skills when they were very young and would then train other workers. Their tools were simple that were made from wood, rock and bone.

The scribes and also priests would record events with pictograms. They would first outline the symbols then use vegetables, insects, shells, and minerals to make colors and oil to make the bright finished writings.

The potters shaped the clay with their hands or by carving. They did not have a potter's wheel. Many times they designed the inside of pots and painted them. These ornately painted pots were for the rich and the rulers.

The feathers of tropical birds were used by the feather workers to work the intricate designs for headdresses and clothing. These elaborate items were for the nobility and royalty.

The feathers that were used for elaborate things such as a headdress which were made from tropical birds. The feathers were worked into designs. The Aztec feather workers would make clothing out of feathers from all sorts of tropical birds for nobility and royalty.

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