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Aztec Sports and Games

There were two Aztec games called tlachtli and patolli. Tlachtli was played with rubber balls on an I shaped court that was 60 meters long by 10 meters long. Two vertical hoops were on each side in the middle of the court. One player from each team had to get the ball into the hoop with his knees, not using their hands. The firts team to make a basket won. It could take hours to complete a game. This sport combined basketall and soccer.

Patolli was a gambling game played with stones and dry beans. The game was played on a board shaped in a "X" that has squares on it. Players are given six pieces to play with and ten jade stones to gamble. Each player has a home base in the middle of the "X". Once it is decided how much to gamble, the dice which is five cacao beans with white dots painted on them is thrown. If a player gets one white dot he moves one square, if two white dots he moves two squares and so on. If all five white dots are thrown he moves ten squares. The pieces move clockwise. The first throw must be a one to begin. When they make it back to home base, one piece is taken off the board; the opponent then owes the player one jade pebble. They keep playing until one player has lost all of his or her beans.

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