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Aztec Society

The Aztec societies are divided into 3 classes- slaves, commoners, and nobility. The slaves are usually made out of children of poor parents, they are usually sold for a certain period of time, what different from their society to others is that their slave can eventually buy back their freedom. Not only are those, the slaves that manage to escape and reached the royal palace being given the freedom instantly.

The Commoners are made of many group of people, they are known as the macehualtin, they engage in agriculture and common trades. If they are involve in agriculture, usually they work in other peoples land, what unique is that they are allowed to keep the produce. Commoners were given lifetime ownership of an area of land. The lowest group of commoners was not allowed to own property. They were tenant farmers; they just got to use the land and never be owners. The lower social orders were made up by peasants, who like the European serfs, were attached to the lands owned by the nobility and were obliged to cultivate them in exchange for part of the harvest.

The Nobility was people who have rights during birth; these people are the priest, kings and those who earn their rank. These higher societies are occupied by minority families.

In Aztec society, warriors, priests, and the nobility were considered to be among the most respected in the Aztecan social hierarchy Because of the Aztecs' emphasis on warfare, the warrior class was highly valued, and often warriors would volunteer for the most important Aztec sacrificial rituals. The long distance traders also enjoyed considerable privileges and often served the government as ambassadors and spies. The most outstanding artisans, physicians and truly wise teachers were also highly respected.

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