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Aztec Medicine

Aztec doctors knew a great deal about the human body. They used herbal treatments to cure and prevent ailments such as chest pains. They thought steam baths could help fevers by cleaning, relaxing and sweating out the spirits that caused the fevers.

Other remedies included liquid rubber in ears for earaches, splints for broken legs, and obsidian ground glass for wounds. The doctors used dew from the fields in each nostril two times a day to help colds.

Expectant mothers were encouraged to carry wood ash to ward off ghosts if out after dark. If a ghost is seen, this could harm your unborn baby. They were told not to chew gum, because this could cause your baby's mouth to swell. Your baby will be deformed if you look at the sun during an eclipse. Aztec goddesses of women should be prayed to everyday.

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