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Aztec Culture

At its height the Aztec civilization had about 15 million people that were in almost 500 towns and cities. About 300,000 people lived in the main city of Tenochtitlan. Aztec culture had a rich and complicated set of mythological and religious beliefs. These religious practices and artistic accomplishments as well as music, dance, dress, food, drink, sports and games played a large part in their every day lives. A rather remarkable part of Aztec culture was the ritual of human sacrifice.

Art was important in ancient Aztec culture. Their art was a way to record the importance  of religion and warfare. Examples of this expression of Aztec culture are found in paintings in the temples and those created on special paper made of bark.

Music and dance were performed to please the gods and also  were tied into  daily life and ceremonies. The music was usually accompaniment  to Aztec dance, which was like a prayer ritual.

Aztec dress was often made of beautiful fabric, though the  quality of the cloth was dependent on the wealth and class of the wearer. The art of clothes making was an important craft of the  Aztecs and contained bright colors and complicated designs.

Aztec food was rich and spicy. Many of the Aztec foods used chili peppers in their spicy sauces. Hot chocolate and octtli were drinks of the Aztecs.

Games and sports were important in the Aztec culture. They provided the Aztecs with entertainment and activity.  Aztec games also had a religious meaning and could be played as a part of their ceremonies or during sacrifice.

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